Roundabout Turning Tests

A Ford F150 that is 19' long and a Trailer for a 32' Contender was used for the below turning test. The trailer is 31.5' for a total of 49.5'. 


1. We started out leaving 4th Ave from the west going east around the road about and north on 79th street.

2. Next was going south on 79th Street and made a left turn on 4th Ave going east.

3. From the east side of 4th Ave going west and turning north.

4. From 79th Street going south and turning east on 4th Ave before the circle.


You would ride up onto the truck apron, as designed, for some of the turns, but all turns are able to be completed with care. In each approach to the circle, the back wheels of the truck and the trailer wheels drove through the marked traffic circle. When the permanent aprons are installed in the traffic circles, the back wheels of the truck and trailer can drive over the tapered edge of the circle aprons.


It should be noted that it is legal to perform a left turn in front of the roundabout as long as it does not impede any oncoming traffic.